Installation of black lace in front of a painted canvas
240 x 140 x 15 cm (length x height x width)
Components of the installation:
Acrylic paints, sequins, lace

This work explores the unspoken and somewhat dark side of the Femininity, the one which also hides pain and the affirmative way of continuation of life.
I use materials that are part of every women’s accessories, such as sequins and lace. The materials are used in such a way that instead of accenting the intense decorative character of the work, according to the “pop-art” movement, on the contrary it gives out an ominous sense of upcoming disaster.
The use of the black lace in front of the canvas has the function of a curtain that tries to conceal a possible “trauma” in the feminine psyche,
like the black laces worn on top of women’s hats at the beginning of 20th century in order to hide the emotion of those who wore them.