The Wave Equation

A geometric “event” in space (standing wave) is described by a differential equation of three (3) variables, as many as three (3) dimensions.
On the occasion of the geometric equation of the wave generated a project using mismatched materials, while seeking balance.
The final image of the project gives us the form of a scientifically substantiated theory through the use of a material (handiwork) that has folklore and social symbolism – references.
Alongside fits a cold building material, where the power stands against this human energy through oppositions and correlations seeking the ideal equation of matter with spirit.
The total value of the shapes, the combination of materials, the correlation of the object (geometric equation) with the subject (artistic expression), including the place-dimensional form.

100 x 80 cm (height x width)
Components of the installation:
Handiwork, building materials (metal rods), nautical props.