The table

The installation consists of 4 separate parts that if put together form a large table. On each surface there are many plates and cutlery made
of plaster. Each surface is enclosed in a wooden frame which acts as a container or as a large box.
This work traces the void of collective human behavior which is expressed through the ritual of people getting together around a table.
The absence of people and the immaculate setting of the tables with kitchenware set for a ceremonial dinner, intensify a feeling of vain
anticipation and a somewhat morbid abandonment. The way that the table surfaces have been “boxed” with wooden frames with some of the sides missing, permits the viewer to look into its contents. One is at once overwhelmed by the ambivalent feelings of abandonment and expectation as well as of absence and also of hope of returning of people to take part in the dinner. This somewhat contradictory “reading” of the work is also its message to the viewer.  Art like life is full of contradiction and ambivalence.

260 x 120 x 70 cm (length x height x width)
Components of the installation:
Polystyrene, fabric, plastic colour, plaster, plastic cutlery, plates, glasses, wood, nylon sheets.