Rigas Kionis

Digital collage
Print on glass, 175x100cm

In this work I am trying to explore the way a work of art, consisting of a trivial and everyday object, can be the starting point of a structural process which can lead to its macroscopic deconstruction. I have isolated small parts of a balloon depicting a horse, then magnified these specific parts and tried to exhibit them in a different perspective.
The process of constructing the work in question has made me wonder about the following:
Is it enough for a work of art to have aesthetic and formalistic aspirations?
Does its content need to be outlined and shaped by meanings and connotations from other sources?
Is it always necessary to depict in a work of art the current sociopolitical milieu so as to be historically compatible with contemporaneous reality?
I do not claim that I have answers to the above but I believe that it is always important to pose such questions.