Mom, I’ ve got nightmares

Video Installation

For the creation of the video we have incorporated as basic structural elements the following individually created works:
“The table” The table, which consists of 4 separate parts that if put together form a large table. On each surface there are many plates and cutlery made of plaster. Each surface is enclosed in a wooden frame which acts as a container or as a large box. “333” The 333, which consists of a cross which measures 1,50m x 1,50m and has been constructed by 333 smaller transparent crosses.
The smaller crosses are being connected with red threads. The picture of Jesus Christ has been made on black cloth with black and silver threads.
The sitting human figure is made from wire and foam. In order to indicate the burning of the human condition we have created a scenery in which the devastation and abandonment is omnipresent and manifest.
The installation is our effort to comment on the turbulent sociopolitical situation of our times which takes place in a void which continually excludes the people and their involvement to political acts.