Mets Giving the Gift

The symbolic act acts as a mediating reconciliation between place-man, expecting the concept of the truth of a place.




The Sequence

The in-situ action took place at the archaeological site of the Temple of Artemis Agrotera (Ionic templeof the 5th century). The production of the project was organized as follow:
a) finding the stone enclosure of the site (finding a common stone and not an archaeological evidence )
b) fragnentation of the stone into smaller pieces
c) sewing lithic fragments in handiwork (embroidered tableclith)
d) suspension of handicrafts at the entrance of the Tample of Artemis Agrotera
e) during the opening of cutting enbroidery to create “amulets”, where donated to guests. The symbolic act of reconcilation acts as intermediary between place-human expectation of the true signification of a site.